we like

cheap red wine that tastes good.

traveling to mexico in the winter.

camille saves champagne.

ripe tomatoes-warm from the garden.

planting produce at broken fence farm on sunday mornings.

amazing whisky in a heavy glass.

long walks on the beach.

a perfect piece of cheese on perfect bread.

the smell of the trees on mt. tabor after the rain stops.

talking on the phone to "girlfriend".

bright green salads.

a casual place to meet for a quick bite or a snap.

pink wine at a sidewalk table on a warm august day.

riding bikes.

proscuitto on grilled levain with really good olive oil.

state fairs.

wines of consequence.

local produce grown by farmers we know.

ice cold miller high life after a long bike ride.

family & friends.

grilled oysters on the half shell.

great simple food.

a refreshing gin & tonic after a hard day at work.

walking in the umpqua river on a hot summer day.



french press coffee roasted just up the street.


hot soup on a cold autumn afternoon.

interesting conversation.

white burgundy with popcorn.

you need

coming soon...